Ep. 69 Married At First Sights Fan Favorite Mindy Shiben Tells All! The Good, Bad, & Ugly of Getting Married At First Sight!

Put your hands up in the air and welcome MAFS Alum from Season 10, Mindy Shiben! She is here to chat ALL things MAFS and tell us what’s new!
Mindy Shiben aka America’s Sweetheart joins us today. She is hands down one of the most caring, genuine, and mature cast members from MAFS. She’s a super talented figure skating coach and honestly an all around catch. 
Before Mindy comes on, we share pregnancy updates (including getting tested for COVID-19!) and Jamie gets real about some struggles she is dealing with during this difficult time. Doug and Jamie also give a MAFS reunion recap. 
DISCLAIMER....This interview was recorded in advance. Information on Covid-19 is changing by the day. That being said, if you have any questions or concerns please do your own research or consult cdc.gov.
Show Notes:
03:25 - Jamie is officially 37 weeks pregnant! YAY! Full term! 
03:42 - Jamie shares about how she had to get tested for COVID-19.
04:10 - Jamie shares that she had to consult doctors due to taking Prozac during pregnancy as the midwife was concerned that it could affect baby boy Hehner during labor.
12:13 - Jamie shares that she is very overwhelmed with this pregnancy.
12:48 - Doug shares that there are going to be some things during this pregnancy that are out of their control due to COVID-19. 
14:07 - Doug shares that Jamie is superwoman to him :) Jamie feels bad that she is unable to currently help in the hospital.
15:25 - Jamie asked her sister to make 50 masks - let us know if you are in need of one - jamie@jamieotis.com! We want to give them all away!
16:20 - Doug shares that they have gotten all of the supplies they need for the homebirth!
17:28 - Doug shares that he feels like at home there is going to be a large amount of relief doing the homebirth instead of the hospital birth.
18:32 - Bombshell! Katie and Zach went out for drinks! 
19:45 - Doug shares that he thinks Derek gave his all week after week, and its sad that he has a broken heart!
20:31 - Doug shares that he believes that everyone who goes on MAFS will benefit in ways they didn’t know they would! It brings a brighter future!
26:08 - Welcome, Mindy, to Hot Marriage Cool Parents!!!
26:23 - What made Mindy want to be married at first sight?
27:17 - How did Mindy break it to her parents that she was going to marry a stranger? And how have her parents handled it since then?
29:28 - Doug asks Mindy what her thoughts were on her wedding day?
31:39 - Mindy talks about when things changed with Zach.
34:31 - Doug asks Mindy if she saw things in Zach that did line up with what she was wanting.
35:15 - Did they have sex during the experiment?
36:22 - What happened with Mindy’s previous best friend who then started talking to Zach in private?
39:23 - Doug and Jamie commend Mindy for the way she handled herself maturely with everything that happened with Zach.
40:00 - Jamie praises Mindy for being so strong during the reunion!
41:25 - What were Mindy’s thoughts going into the reunion? Would she be willing to give Zach another chance?
45:00 - What’s going on with Mindy now?
46:38 - Mindy shares that she has been getting into virtual dating - kind of the opposite of MAFS! :)
48:35 - Mindy shares that she had a phone call with Zach during recording that made her have some hope.
49:21 - Mindy shares that she feels like she has gotten stronger from the experience and would do it again!
54:26 - Derek is on the podcast next week!
Mindy’s Instagram: @mindyshiben

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