Ep 7: Doing Your Best, Life as a Mom, & Remembering to Laugh With Cat & Nat

It’s just me, Jamie, hosting the show today! When Doug went to drop our daughter off at daycare, the car broke down, so he can’t join me. The show must go on, though, and I can’t wait for you to hear this conversation with today’s guests! I think you’ll love Cat & Nat, who are amazingly funny and offer refreshing perspectives on parenting.

Cat and Nat are basically twins with different parents. They’ve been friends since high school, and even have husbands with the same name. Today, their lives are deeply intertwined, as you’ll hear in this conversation! These two amazing women stumbled their way into becoming mom millionaires, and they want to help you become a mom millionaire too! As a stay-at-home mom, it can be hard to watch your husband feeling the stress of being the only breadwinner, and you might even feel guilty about spending the money that he earns. Finding your own financial success relieves this stress on both of you.

Since you’re listening to this podcast, you probably already know that Doug and I met on Married at First Sight. Since Cat and Nat don’t know that story, though, I’ll tell it to them (including with some background on my time on The Bachelor), and I think you might enjoy hearing it from this different perspective! You’ll also hear about one of the most awkward moments that I had with Doug.

Of course I wish that Doug could have been here for this conversation, but it was super fun (and even funny, I think!) even though he couldn’t be here. Tune in to hear all about being a real mom from two moms who really get it, and who are here to offer the perfect combination of fantastic advice, non-judgmental understanding, and a big dose of fun. I think you’ll love these two as much as I do!


Today’s Guests:

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In This Episode:

[00:37] - Welcome to the show! Jamie will be hosting it alone today thanks to Doug’s car problems.

[04:37] - Cat & Nat joke about how to tell which of them is which (even though they aren’t identical twins, or even sisters).

[06:18] - We hear the story of Cat and Nat’s friendship, which started when they were in high school.

[1:33] - Do Jamie and her husband both work from home?

[12:37] - We learn that Jamie discovered Cat & Nat on Instagram, and we hear an excerpt from their their #MOMTRUTHS clip about Marie Kondo.

[16:26] - We hear about the difficulty of throwing out things that don’t spark joy when you’re a busy mom.

[18:24] - What are Cat and Nat’s tips for moms who want to become mom millionaires too?

[21:18] - Jamie, Cat, and Nat talk about finances, being a working mom, or staying at home.

[23:32] - We hear about how Jamie and Doug met and got married, including the background of her time on The Bachelor.

[29:20] - How did Jamie’s family react to her decision to get married at first sight?

[30:53] - Jamie talks about her book, and gives an example from the book of an awkward situation she and Doug got into.

[34:14] - Cat and Nat talk about their upcoming book, Cat and Nat’s Mom Truths, as well as their tour and Jamie’s desire to move to California.

[40:49] - Where can people find Cat and Nat online?

[42:02] - Jamie reassures listeners that Doug isn’t stranded and in trouble, even though he wasn’t able to be here... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy