Ep. 90 Speech Therapy EXPERTS Brooke & Bridget Can Help Your Kiddos Talk!

Brooke & Bridget, sisters, speech therapists, and mommies to their own kiddos are our guests today! In 2012, the sisters opened up their private practice for speech therapy in California, and in 2018 they started an Instagram account to help parents help their kiddos develop their language & communication skills! 
Before we bring Brooke and Bridget on, Doug and Jamie chat about the struggle to have sex (but they finally did!) and Jamie shares what she does to be able to always love her body and feel positive! 
 Show Notes:
02:37 - Doug and Jamie have big news! They finally, after over a year, had sex!
08:46 - Doug asks Jamie if she has any tips about getting to the point of being able to have sex and improving her libido.
11:23 - Jamie and Doug discuss their thoughts on the importance of having body positivity and that we should love our bodies no matter what!
17:06 - Welcome, Brooke and Bridget!
18:08 - Jamie asks, what made the 2 of you want to do this together?
20:00 - Doug asks, what are the first milestones and how long would it be for you to consider someone late to talk?
22:27 - Doug asks, how do you easily quantify the amount of words your child is saying?
23:29 (28:19) - Jamie asks, what do you recommend a mom or dad to do for their child at the point that speech intervention is needed? Or what can a parent do before that point?
29:45 - Jamie asks, what are some of the interventions that you guys talk about in your courses and on your Instagram page? 
32:17 - Doug asks, is baby talk something that is harmful to child development?
35:08 - Doug asks, Henley sort of has a lisp when she says her s’s. Is that something that can be worked through or needs intervention?
39:03 - Jamie asks, when do you recommend switching to an open cup?
40:43 - Jamie asks, Since we had Hendrix, Henley has definitely regressed with speaking. She is whining a lot and talking like a baby - what should they do to help Henley?
44:13 - Jamie asks if they think it could be confusing to a child to have a very consistent nickname and regular name?
46:25 - Doug asks, what is some advice that you have for parents who are trying to help kids read things out loud? Especially with trying pronounce words?
53:56 - Next week - it’s a surprise! It’s gonna be epic! 
Wash your hands twice 😊 Chat next week!
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