Ep 8: Dating as a Single Mom and Creating a New Family With Erica Rose & Chuck

If you’re a Bachelor fan, you’re already familiar with the lovely Erica Rose! We became really good friends on Bachelor Pad, and she was even at our wedding on Married at First Sight. Erica became a single mom shortly after having her daughter, and is now very happily remarried. We think her tips on finding love as a single mom will be really powerful for all the single moms listening to this podcast.


As you’ll learn today, Erica met a lawyer at work, and they quickly decided together to have a child that they would co-parent. They got pregnant on the first try, and actually ended up getting engaged. As Erica reveals, though, this was out of obligation more than being in love; their personalities were too different to be compatible as a couple.


When her daughter was just six weeks old, Erica and her ex separated, and she moved from California back home to Texas for more family support. She and her ex tried to keep things open and have a happy family, but it was very painful for both of them. It took a while before Erica was ready to look for love again, because she needed time to get back to being herself again.


One of the most impactful parts of this episode is Erica’s insight and tips for single moms. She talks about how important it is not to date until you’re ready. Other tips include having a good support system around you, and making sure you’re looking and feeling confident before you start dating. If you’re a single parent (or know one), don’t miss this episode that will give you insight, inspiration, and an intimate look into what it’s like to date after having kids.


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In This Episode:

[00:37] - Doug and Jamie welcome listeners to today’s episode of the podcast and introduce the guest, Erica Rose.

[03:36] - We learn more about Jamie’s upbringing with a single mom and several siblings, as well as her quest to find her father.

[06:48] - Jamie shares a question that she wonders: if her mom had had support and the right resources, would her life had turned out differently?

[10:21] - Jamie takes a moment to introduce Erica Rose and her husband, Chuck.

[11:29] - Erica explains how she and Jamie met and how their friendship developed.

[13:13] - We learn that Erica had no success on Tinder, but reconnected with Chuck on Bumble. Jamie shares one of her own Tinder stories.

[17:37] - Erica shares the story of how she and her ex met and decided to have a child together.

[22:57] - What was it like for Erica to be a single mom?

[25:42] - Erica talks about the point when she was ready to date again, and we hear more about how she and Chuck met.

[28:46] - We hear about how much importance Erica’s dad put on her spouse being Jewish, and how that played out.

[32:41] - Erica takes a moment to express her appreciation for how open Doug and Jamie are.

[33:08] - What does Chuck do?

[37:54] - We learn about how little Chuck knows about the Bachelor... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy