Ep 30: Erica Hoffman - Fighting Stage 4 Cancer But Leaving A Bright And Shining Legacy For The World To See!

If you had the opportunity to leave a legacy, what would yours be? We have the most special guest on this week’s podcast episode. Erica Hoffman is a stage 4 colon cancer fighter who is one of the very most positive and joyful people I know - and I’ve actually never even met her in person!! She’s a friend of a fran (I share the story in the episode) and I know that you ALL will be so touched by her story.

Even though Erica has very little energy, she wants to leave an amazing legacy and has offered to do a Q&A with you guys so send any question you have for her and we’ll do our best to get them answered! ❤️❤️

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On This Earth by Erica Hoffman

The Truth It Works blog by Erica Hoffman

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