Ep. 135 Former Married At First Sight Expert Rachel DeAlto Gets REAL About MAFS, Relationships & Relatability

For all the MAFS fans out there, guess who we have on the podcast this week! Yup it's the beautiful, lovely, BOSS BABE, Rachel DeAlto! Not only was she the favorite expert to many couples on MAFS, she is also an author of her new book, Relatable which comes out on September 7! Rachel has also been featured on the Today Show, TedX, Kate Plus Date .... aaand she's the official person for Match.com! On top of ALL of that she's an amazing momma! What an honor that she wanted to come onto HMCP!
Rachel is passionate about people, and has worked with organizations and individuals worldwide to help them develop their leadership skills, improve teams, and create stronger interpersonal relationships. In today’s episode, we talk about how to improve your social skills in every setting, including networking, dating, and more, especially with the increased social awkwardness that came with the pandemic. Rachel shares some tips for diving into the world of online dating, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and open mindedness, and we also talk candidly about how to turn acquaintances into friends and build relationships bu having the courage to let your guard down and be vulnerable. We also touch on the shifts Rachel has noticed in the dating world during COVID and her tips for your dating app bio, as well as where you can find her book, Relatable, and how you can get a free 15-minute coaching session with her! Make sure not to miss this, dare we say, relatable, conversation with relationship expert and our friend, Rachel DeAlto!
Key Points From This Episode:
• We respond to a voice memo from Holly about triggers and remembrance. [0:03:45]
• Find out what Rachel has been up to since Married at First Sight a few years ago. [0:18:33]
• How she became a ‘relationship expert’, which she says she fell into by accident. [0:21:24]
• Some insider information from an expert’s perspective about how the format of Married at First Sight has shifted. [0:23:24]
• Hear why Rachel left the show and her relationship with Dr. Jessica Griffin. [0:27:04]
• Rachel shares her most memorable moment from working on the show. [0:31:41]
• What led her to work at Match.com; how she hoped to making dating better. [0:32:30]
• Some of the shifts Rachel has observed in dating during the pandemic. [0:35:52]
• Advice for diving into the world of online dating: take three to five pictures, keep your bio short and sweet, and stay positive! [0:37:44]
• The importance of showing up authentically; be who you are, know what you want. [0:41:10]
• Learn about Rachel’s book, relatable; how to connect in a hyperconnected world. [0:45:00]
• Tips for building relationships, starting with having the courage to be vulnerable. [0:50:33]
• The inspiration in being relatable; ask yourself what you are most proud of. [0:56:12]
• Advice for starting a conversation with someone if you are shy: don’t overthink it! [1:00:27]
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relatable — https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1982171081
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