Ep 20: Married at First Sight Stars Kate & Jasmine Are Here to Tell All & Share Kate's Big Secret! 🤯

Oh my gosh you guys! We finally have Kate and Jasmine in the house to tell ALL about their time on Married at First Sight and what's been going on since then! Kate even reveals a REALLY huge secret! Their season on MAFS was definitely one to be remembered, and you can find out everything you missed from behind the scenes in this podcast episode!

[00:24] - We are almost at 25K followers on our Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. Instagram. Don't miss our big giveaway when we get to 25K!

[01:59] - Jamie thanks frans who have tagged her in posts and talks about how she loves chatting with frans!

[02:56] - Doug and Jamie talk about Bachelor Nation and the new tournament that is happening now!

[07:30] - A doctor dropped a baby and wouldn't apologize! Doug and Jamie chat about their thoughts on this.

[12:45] - Congrats to Prince Harry & Meghan Markle on their baby boy as well as Congrats to Amy Schumer & Chris Fischer on their baby boy too!

[15:45] - Jamie talks to listeners about a pretty crappy situation she's having - with a hemmorhoid! 🥴

[19:07] - Doug and Jamie welcome Kate and Jasmine to the show!

[21:45] - Jamie asks Kate and Jasmine: How did you hear about MAFS and what made you sign up for it?

[28:45] - Everyone gets asked the question of what's going on with Luke. Jamie, Doug, Kate, and Jasmine talk about what they think.

[29:56] - Something happened that has never happened on MAFS before! Luke recognized Kate! - what happened?

[30:57] - Kate filled out every paper for the show & her perfect match really was Luke! He was everything she wanted - or at least she thought!

[32:13] - Facebook at one point said that Luke is bisexual. Kate answers what she found out about that.

[33:23] - Jamie asks Jasmine if Will was her type?

[42:07] - Jasmine talks about the time she had a fruit loop pot bar and was high as a kite!

[46:03] - Doug asks Kate if there was ever a breakdown with Luke while drinking where they were able to honestly talk.

[47:45] - Jamie is dying to know if Luke really did say I feel dead inside after they had sex. Kate explains that she never thought it was actually directed toward her.

[49:21] - Doug, Jamie, Kate, and Jasmine discuss whether they think Luke could be gay and the difficulty that he must feel. Jasmine talks about how hard it is for people to come out as gay.

[52:45] - Jamie asks Kate: Why would you sleep with Luke if he says such mean things to you?

[54:40] - Kate now has a platform where she can speak out about not being treated correctly after her experience on Married at First Sight.

[55:31] - Jamie shares that she learned very much about herself while on Married at First Sight. Jamie asks Kate and Jasmine what kind of things they learned from the show now that they are outside of it.

[01:05:00] - Last question for Kate and Jasmine: What's next for you?

[01:07:51] - Kate reveals her BIG secret!

[01:10:45] - One final question: Knowing what you know now, and exactly what you went through, would you do it over again? And If Married at First Sight came back to Philly, would you do it again?

[01:16:40] - If you guys want to hear more from Married at First Sight people, let us know!

[01:17:03] - Jamie is super excited to share about her search for her father next week on the podcast! Stay tuned!

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