Ep. 124 The Bachelor REVEALED! Former Producer Katy Chen Mazzara Dishes Some Never Before Heard Behind The Scenes Dirt!! Plus, Tips & Strategies That ALL Financial Freedom Seekers Need To Know!

This week we are excited to welcome Katy Chen Mazzara to Hot Marriage. Cool Parents! Katy is a certified financial coach, former journalist, award-winning documentary filmmaker, AND my former producer on the Bachelor!!! Now, Katy is helping creative, freedom seekers make MORE, worry less and achieve true financial freedom, so they can create the life of their dreams!

We are spending LOTS of time today chatting about being on the Bachelor, what it's like behind the camera, and more! Money is a struggle for LITERALLY everyone, so Katy also shares some tips for our listeners to cause much less stress with finances!

Before Katy comes on, Doug and Jamie chat about some financial struggles they have had through marriage.

35:21 - Welcome to HMCP, Katy!
35:39 - What was it like working on the Bachelor?
39:23 - Katy shares what she remembers about Jamie when she was on the Bachelor.
42:29 - Working on a show as popular as the Bachelor, when you go to leave the Bachelor is it seen as a positive show to be a producer on, or does it make a mark on your resume?
43:47 - Katy, Jamie, and Doug talk about whether the Bachelor is scripted as well as give some juicy info about behind the scenes at the Bachelor!! (46:45)
51:58 - Can you share with us a little bit about what made you transition to being a financial coach?
53:58 - What was it that made you want to leave production in general?
56:34 - Is there a certain number you need to have in a bank account in order to benefit from a financial coach like yourself?
57:20 - What are some of the strategies or tips that can actually help people become more free with their finances?
1:01:40 - For anyone interested who is struggling from the pandemic, but need financial help, how would you recommend going about this without the one-on-one coaching?

Next week on the podcast we have the VERY inspiring Sarah Talbi - she was born without her arms and keeps the most positive attitude EVER! You definitely don't want to miss it! 🙂

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