Ep. 133 How To Become More Confident, Find Your Passions, And Let Your Goals Dictate Your Life With Lisa Bilyeu

Lisa Bilyeu, who is literally SUCH a boss babe and honestly someone I really look up to in the business world is our guest today! She’s the cofounder and president of the company Impact Theory AND she’s the co-founder of the billion-dollar brand Quest nutrition. She also gets in front of the camera to chat all things female empowerment. Doug and I are super excited to chat all the things with her because she is literally SO inspiring!  Tuning in you’ll hear Lisa share some of the valuable lessons she’s learned about shame and confidence, like why combating shame and establishing confidence is not something you arrive at but is more like a muscle that needs to be trained and maintained. We delve into the importance of identifying future goals, how to do it if you don’t know where to start, and why that internal knowledge is crucial to set boundaries. Later, Lisa opens up about the intense physical debilitation she experienced after years of not listening to her body and building her business, and what recovery meant for her. She shares how she had to reassess her values after her health crisis and why going forward she is keenly aware of whether her work aligns with her purpose. We loved having Lisa on the show and were blown away by her honesty and wisdom. Tune in today for a wealth of insight, compassion, and meaningful advice!

Before we bring Lisa on, we chat about how we literally just got back from a crazy heated therapy sesh with our couples therapist where we talked about support systems and how Doug and I have big issues on communication. We came to realize that I don't really have a support system - I don't have parents to go to, and I can't go to Doug's family if I am having issues with my marriage. I've come to realize that my girlfrans feel like my support system! This podcast is like THERAPY for me.
Show Notes:
17:25 - Welcome to HMCP, Lisa!
22:25 - Overcoming shame is a muscle. Facing inadequacies and not letting ego get in the way is something we have to keep training!
24:30 - We talk about our goals of what we are trying to get to in 2 sentences
26:48 - Was there a turning point in your life or what was that thing that kind of got you over the edge to start you on that routine of working on yourself and empowering women?
37:13 - What helped make the transition into sharing your story and empowering women?
45:20 - What would you say to the person who says I don't know what my goals should be - where do I even start?
54:08 - What were your goals at the age of 14?
58:00 - Tell us about your book!
"People think confidence is the end goal...but confidence isn't your end goal. Confidence is your TOOL to get to the end goal! .... Focus on the end goal of impacting others!!!!" - Lisa Bilyeu

Lisa's Insta: https://www.instagram.com/lisabilyeu/ 
Impact Theory Website: https://impacttheory.com/ 

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