Ep. 128 Airing The Skeletons In Our Closet

Welcome back to Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. with both Doug and Jamie for the second week in a row! By the time you hear this, we will be back in New Jersey, finally! Well....actually we miiiiiight be in LA filming...
But anyway, our kids will be starting school soon, and we will have some time to breathe during the day!
Kicking off today’s episode, Jamie speaks candidly about her nursing struggles and how she has had to consult virtually with a lactation consultant during COVID, and Doug shares some hilarious shenanigans from a day he had with the kids at the Ringling Brothers Circus Museum recently. We discuss the value of airing the skeletons in your closet and how helpful our couples’ therapist has been in addressing some of Jamie’s insecurities about thinking that Doug cheated on her, and we share some updates and ideas for sleep training and the value of having someone to talk to about your fears! Lots to chat about! Tune in today!
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