Ep. 131 Doug & Jamie Share Recent Vulnerable Moments & Thoughts on the Stereotype of “Celebrity”

Welcome back to Hot Marriage. Cool Parents! In this week’s episode, we catch up with both Doug and Jamie. We are currently still in Cortland, New York visiting Jamie’s family, and have had to recover from an unfortunate bout of illness that’s been doing the rounds! Life is still crazy and we are both very much looking forward to being in one place for more than a few days!

After a quick rundown of how our family has been doing, we spend some time on feedback from our listeners. Doug gives a shout-out to an awesome review and shares why he’s so grateful when fans connect with him. We also hear a voice note from one of our listeners, who shares a painful story of ectopic pregnancy, and Jamie takes the time to unpack the issue and empathize with how difficult it can be to deal with. Next, we delve into the question of the benefits and challenges of being open and vulnerable about your struggles, especially when they’re painful and intimate. We discuss how Jamie’s therapist has helped with insights that have contributed to a healthier dynamic between us and what our hopes are going forward. Join us today as we reflect on life, relationships, and much more!

Key Points From This Episode:

We hear from Jamie about her time in Los Angeles doing Unfiltered.

Doug shares his shout-out for the week.

Why Doug and Jamie are grateful when fans connect with them.

We hear from listeners about their struggles and how the podcast has impacted them.

Jamie breaks down what it means to have an ectopic pregnancy.

Doug and Jamie discuss what it’s like for their lives to be so public.

Jamie empathizes with a listener who went through an ectopic pregnancy.

Why it’s important to be vulnerable and open in your life.

Doug shares his struggles with being open and vulnerable and how communication has helped him.

How Jamie’s therapist helped them find a healthier dynamic as a couple.

How the isolation of COVID 19 has impacted Doug’s opportunities for being open and communicative with friends.

Jamie’s hopes that Doug will become less closed off and be willing to share his inner life with her more.

Why Doug believes his and Jamie’s personalities complement one another.

Some of the details of their visit to Cortland, New York, Jamie’s hometown.

Jamie and Doug give a sneak peek into next week’s episode and encourage listeners to send voice notes.

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