Ep. 132 Unveiling The Curtain, Unmasking Doug, & Talking ALL About Our Juicy Past Relationships!

In today’s episode, we pull back the curtain on Jamie and Doug's past, and some of the experiences in her and Doug's life which have shaped how they both view and interact with the world. Jamie shares the guidance that her therapist has given her regarding managing her workload in order to protect her mental health. Also, we take a look at Jamie’s previous relationships and the influence that these have had on her. On a lighter note, prompted by a listener’s comment, we also pull back the curtain on Doug and Jamie’s experiences in the world of reality TV!
We also chat about Jamie's recent break from social media and why it was important.
We are so appreciative of all the support that you have shown us during this time. We truly have the BEST listeners!
Key Points From This Episode:

The mask that Doug usually wears.

An explanation of what batch-work is. 

What we are hoping to achieve through the question-and-answer sessions with our listeners. 

Jamie shares a story about the brand that duped her, and what it taught her about collaborations.

Advice that Jamie was given from her therapist about how to work in a way that protects her mental health.

Where the phrase “unveiling the curtain” comes from.

The various reality shows that Doug tried out for. 

How Jamie ended up on the Bachelor. 

Why Jamie’s ex-boyfriend was so instrumental in determining how she deals with issues in relationships.

Jamie runs us through some of the unhealthy relationships she had in the past.

Doug delves into what his relationship with his ex-girlfriend was like.

Jamie's recent break from social media including an audio clip of her story from Instagram

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