How to be "Best of the Best" on Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards: With Hotel Owner Gwenn Snider and Adele Gutman

There are so many words of wisdom in this interview with award winning hotelier Gwenn Snider, the owner of Little Gem Resorts. Her hotel, the Nantucket Hotel and Resort in Massachusetts consistently ranks as one of the top three hotels in the USA on the “Best of the Best” TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards- the top 25 most highly rated hotels in the USA, based on the reviews of their guests.


There are many people who will share well meaning posts on “how to manage your online reputation”, who have never actually done achieved award-winning guest review success themselves. The mission of the Hospitality Reputation Podcast is to share the philosophy and insights of those who are truly masters at Reputation Cultivation, and whose results speak for themselves.


In this conversation with Nantucket Hotel and Resort Owner, Gwenn Snider, she shared her tips on how she and her team lead by General Manager Jamie Holmes, inspire five-star reviews. 


  • Being obsessive about the details and committed to creating a unique and welcoming guest experience.


  • It’s all about the small moments, so it is important that everyone feels empowered to be able to change a guest experience in a positive way.


  • It’s surprising what small detail or kindness can make a hotel a traveler’s favorite experience.


  • Never take your guests for granted. Be unrelenting. Things don’t get ignored from an operational standpoint. 


  • Truly listen to every guest review and survey and have leadership respond personally to every complaint.


  • Kindness goes a long way to change someone from a state of stress to a state of relaxation.


  • Forget, “it’s not possible.” Find a way to say, “Yes!”



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