Zombeavers (2014)

In honor of Trace's 31st birthday, we're closing out February with a discussion of one of his favorite movies: Zombeavers! That's right, a movie that gifts us John Mayer in his feature film debut and one of the most salacious games of "Would You Rather" ever committed to film sends Trace into a non-stop flurry of giggle fits throughout the entire episode. 

Join us as we discuss this 77-minute-long film that features a plethora of beaver puns, Millennials scissoring each other to Lady Gaga, were-zombeaver people (and bears) and some very impressive zombeaver puppets. It's about as ridiculous (and entertaining!) as it sounds.

Also up for discussion: severe penile trauma, a crazy faux Oscar campaign, a Frank Sinatra-style theme song and a delightful animated opening credits sequence!

Look, this should be a one-joke movie that doesn't work, but it's actually a film with lots of jokes and it does work! That this admittedly juvenile film is non-homophobic and has equal amounts of nudity between its male and female characters is just an added bonus! If you've never seen it: give it a chance!

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