What Lies Beneath (2000)

We're traveling to a breezy lakeside in Vermont to check in with recent empty-nester Michelle Pfeiffer and her totally not-a-murderer husband Harrison Ford in Robert Zemeckis' 'What Lies Beneath', which turns 20 this week!

Join us as we both marvel at Zemeckis' fantastic (if overlong) homage to Hitchcock ('Rear Window'? Check. 'Vertigo'? Check. 'Psycho'? Check, check, check!), praise Pfeiffer's mesmerizing performance and discuss how the film can be viewed differently in a post #MeToo world (there's so much gaslighting in this film, y'all).

Plus, why doesn't ghost Amber Valletta just tell Pfeiffer exactly what's going on? Why does Diana Scarwid just disappear from the movie? And why does the subplot about spousal abuse come to absolutely nothing?

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