Wake in Fright (1971) feat. A Nightmare on Fierce Street

Brush up on your two-up and watch out for them kangaroos (oh, God, the kangaroos!) because we're heading Down Under to discuss Ted Kotcheff's famed "lost film" Wake in Fright (1971)! Joining us are A Nightmare on Fierce Street co-hosts Sharai Bohannon and Trent Reese!

First thing's first: this film has a 10-minute-long sequence featuring Cannibal Holocaust levels of real-life animal violence (it's the kangaroos), so major content warning for that. Consider yourself warned.

Anyway, after a brief musical theatre tangent, we discuss the film's journey from novel to film to lost film to restored masterpiece before going all-in on its portrayal of masculinity. It all leads up to a discussion of a gay sex scene that, quite frankly, we were shocked to see!

Plus, shirtless Donald Pleasence (nips o' plenty), one spicy hotel receptionist, a very serious conversation about Bloody Marys and (the ultimate question) is Janette a slut? Would you expect anything less from the director of Weekend at Bernie's?

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