Vamp (1986) feat. Cecil Baldwin

We're heading over to New York City (or is it Los Angeles?) to party it up with a vampiric Grace Jones in Richard Wenk's 1986 comedy horror film Vamp! Riding shotgun is Cecil Baldwin, the narrator of Welcome to Night Vale!

Join us as Cecil educates us on the goings-on of 1980s New York City, which is not actually filled with green and magenta lighting. We finally make our way to the emptiest strip club ever: the aptly named "After Dark Club". While there, we chat with Dedee Pfeiffer (sister of Michelle) before being seduced by a Kabuki'd out Grace Jones and her hypnotic performance art striptease.

We also try to label all of the films Vamp references/inspires (Adventures in Babysitting, The Warriors, Fright Night, etc.), while commending the film for not making Gedde Watanabe's Duncan a racist stereotype (even if the movie does forget about him after the first act).

Oh, and does Trace make yet another Lizzie McGuire connection? You betcha!

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