Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000) feat. Zena Dixon

Grab your fencing gear and get ready to submit your student film for the coveted Hitchcock Award, because we're discussing the 2000 slasher sequel ‘Urban Legends: Final Cut’ with “Real Queen of Horror” (and co-host of the Bloody Disgusting Podcast) Zena Dixon!

Join us as we dive into this much-maligned film, which was directed by famous composer John Ottman (who manages to integrate tons of horror movie references into the film). We've got all areas of the spectrum covered, as Joe hates the film, Zena loves it, and Trace falls somewhere in between.

Of course, we'll have to cover the bad: Did Ottman take on too much by opting to direct, compose and co-edit the film? Why does this franchise have a knack for bland-o final girls? Why are all the kills so weak? Is Eva Mendes' lesbian character predatory? And does this film feature the most ridiculous motive ever for a slasher movie villain?

But hey, it's not all bad. We've got a kidney heist (in a sequence written by the first film's screenwriter Silvio Horta). We've got inspired performances from Jessica Cauffiel (Valentine and Legally Blonde) and a returning Loretta Devine (whose security guard Reese was sadly dumbed down between films). Oh, and another connection to The Lizzie McGuire Movie!

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