Tragedy Girls (2017) feat. Dani Ryan

After so many months, the boys are ready to embrace facts: they are social media darlings and the world needs to know it! With Dani Ryan along for the ride, the trio "Like and Fave" Tyler MacIntyre's astute meta-comedy about two aspiring serial (or is it spree?) killers on the cusp of graduating high school with a body count.

Up for discussion: 

  • Are the girls on equal footing? 
  • Are the girls in love with each other? and,
  • Why do people not like these girls? 

Also: Trace works on his transitions between segments, he and Dani are hot for Josh Hutcherson (and why everyone should be watching Hulu’s Future Man), and Joe elaborates on why Craig Robinson’s character doesn’t work for him.

Oh, and the trio discuss the logistics of being "buttholed to death”.

This Week's Game: 

  1. What distinguishes a Serial killer from a Spree killer?
  2. What level of social media fame would it take for you to murder someone?

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