The Wolves of Kromer (1998)

Grab your fur coat and tail because we're heading to the UK for a little Faerie Tale Queertre to discuss Will Gould's 1998 morality tale The Wolves of Kromer, which might be the only film we've covered with a 0% Rotten Tomatoes score!

Join us as we discuss the film's very specific aesthetic (think Vacation Bible School videos or PBS original programming) before delving into the film's admittedly on-the-nose allegories (wolves = queers) and try to figure out why Boy George only has a 5-second appearance in the opening scene.

Plus, murderous (and possibly queer?) old biddies who are horny for the Lord, a poppers anecdote and the revelation that Joe once worked at a gay bar?!

Oh, and why does this queer film's only sex scene have to be a straight one? We lycan't!

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