The Seventh Victim (1943) feat. David Demchuk

Stay away from the wine because we, along with celebrated queer author David Demchuk, are covering our first Val Lewton film:The Seventh Victim (1943).

The HEAVILY queer coded text is a nice alternative to our Universal Monster films, though we recommend having a comedy for when you finish because this movie is grim and nihilistic! Also, should we become Satanists? Because the Palladists don't seem that bad!

Up for discussion: disdain for the male characters, Lewton's classic "cat jump" sequence, and Frances' emotional outburst as confirmation of a lesbian relationship.

Plus: Joe gushes over Jean Brooks' performance, Trace cannot remember the poet's name, and David questions Redi's decision to put the logo of her secret society on a perfume bottle.

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