The Ranger (2018) feat. Annie Rose Malamet

In their attempt at social distancing, the boys abandon the city and head deep into the woods. Along for the ride is Girls, Guts & Giallo's Annie Rose Malamet, who schools the boys on all things punk (and Lisa Frank) so that they can understand the annoying teens in Jenn Wexler's The Ranger.

Are you ready for two films in one? On one hand, we've got an 80s slasher throwback featuring punks vs authoritarians. On the other hand, we've got a (secret?) rape/revenge with lead character Chelsea (Chloë Levine) potentially being abused by her uncle (veteran director Larry Fessenden) or the titular Ranger...or both.

Up for discussion: what drug are these kids doing? What's up with the wolf symbolism? Why does the film's pacing suffer when the kills begin? And why doesn't the film lean harder into punk?

Finally: Trace opens up about an unsettling encounter tied to the film that initiates a frank discussion about film festival reviews, as well as the relationship between directors, critics and the production of art.

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