The Perfection (2019)

In order to accommodate our hectic TIFF & Fantastic Fest schedules, enjoy this Patreon-exclusive discussion on one of our favorite films of the year: Netflix's The Perfection

Prepare yourself for a spoiler-filled discussion on an extremely queer, extremely unpredictable and extremely awesome film. 

There aren't really any words to describe it, so imagine the premise of Black Swan, Single White Female, Outbreak, Misery, Oldboy and The Handmaiden are all thrown in a blender. Then add the narrative surprises of films like Martyrs and Funny Games where you have no idea what kind of film you're watching. That's The Perfection!

In short, it's a perfect fit for our camp marathon!

Let us know what you thought of the film, which is bound to be on many horror fans' top 10 lists by the year's end.

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