The People Under The Stairs (1991) feat. Carter Smith

As the Camp marathon barrels on, Trace and Joe are joined by director Carter Smith to tackle our SECOND Wes Craven film in six weeks. The vibe is a little more reverent this time as the trio discusses the origin story of Craven's twisted idea, why the gentrification storyline feels more relevant now than ever and how adept the late director is at balancing the film's mix of tones.

It's not all serious, though! Trace goes gaga for Wendy Robie's Mommy, Carter and Joe talk leather looks and the trio disagrees on whether or not the relationship between the couple (brother/sister) is sexual. Plus: Where does People rank in Craven's oeuvre?

In this week's game: Update the tagline, poster or trailer for a 2019 audience.

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