The Old Dark House (1932) feat. Kate Graham

Pack your umbrella because we're braving bucketfuls of rain in the Welsh countryside as we make our way to James Whale's 1932 film The Old Dark House! Joining us for a threesome is Kate Graham, the co-host of the Stop! Horror Time! podcast.

Join us as we enter the House Femm and meet all of its kooky queer characters and sit down for a lovely dinner of roast beef and potatoes. Enjoy it while it lasts, though, because it won't be long before the mute butler Morgan (Boris Karloff) breaks into the liquor cabinet, and that's never a fun time!

We'll discuss Whale's important place in the annals of queer horror, laugh at his spoofing of heterosexuality (a marriage proposal within 12 hours of meeting? C'mon!) and play 'I Spy' with all of the secret queer aspects Whale had to sneak into the film.

Plus, Joe lauds the film's secret third-act villain who is also a pyromaniac (or...flaming?), Trace makes an attempt to scat and Kate educates us all on the reasoning behind the gender-bending patriarch of the Femm family.

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