The Last House on the Left (Patreon Clip)

We return with a brand new Patreon-exclusive episode on Dennis Iliadis' remake of Wes Craven's seminal horror film The Last House on the Left, which is celebrating it's 10-year anniversary. We know, we know. We said we were only going to cover recent theatrically-released films for Patreon episodes, but March is a desert wasteland for new horror films, and Joe simply refused to watch Greta again after not loving it at TIFF. 

So here we are! The Last House on the Left. Join us as we both agree that *gasp* the original isn't really that great. If that turns you off, don't worry. We move on to the remake at the 10-minute mark so you can just fast-forward to that part if our opinions get your panties in a wad.

Moving on to the remake, we discuss how hard this movie fucks (Joe's phrase, not Trace's), Joe conflates a fireplace with a vagina somehow, and we try to figure out what possesses Trace to show this movie to unsuspecting friends and family members.

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