The Craft (1996) feat. Valeska Griffiths

For our final episode of Pride Month, we're calling the corners and invoking the spirit of Manon. That's right: it's time to discuss Andrew Fleming's 1996 ode to female friendships and the dangers of all-consuming power.

Joining the boys is Joe's horror bestie, Valeska Griffiths, who unpacks why this film is so important for female and/or queer horror fans. We discuss the film's nostalgic value, its pop culture impact, and question the way race and sexual assault is handled (Christine Taylor deserved worse!). This leads to speculation about the forthcoming remake, the need for female horror creatives and the distinction between "bitchy" and "mean" girls.

Plus: wise cracks about snake wranglers, Trace's affinity for Charmed, Hot Topic, and whether Robin Tunney looks better bald or in a green wig.

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