The Boy Next Door (2015) feat. Matt Donato

Grab your first edition copy of The Iliad, because we're closing out our anniversary month by covering Rob Cohen's (The Fast and the Furious, xXxThe Boy Next Door, an erotic thriller that is neither erotic nor thrilling! Joining us for this riff-fest is noted The Boy Next Door defender (and fellow Bloody Disgusting columnist) Matt Donato, and he's brought along a raw chicken for all of us to share!

Join us as we commend Lopez for using her own clothes to cut down on production costs, but lament how the film completely wastes Kristin Chenoweth (despite her awesome "Can I Speak to Your Manager?" haircut).

Also on the docket: we try to figure out why people hate Lopez and why all of the male characters in the film going through crazy mood swings. Trace goes to bat for one of the film's deleted scenes, Joe is confused by the concept of a penis purse and Matt can't get over all of the references to The Wiz.

Finally, we attempt to list off the multitude of Chekhov's items in the film (EpiPen, Engine, cookies, etc.).

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