Terror Train (1980) feat. Homos on Haunted Hill

Happy New Year, everyone! We're hopping aboard a party train to ring in the new year with Roger Spottiswoode's Jamie Lee Curtis-starring slasher film Terror Train! Joining us for the bash are Chris Moore and Kevin Jones, the co-hosts of the Homos on Haunted Hill podcast!

Join us as we discuss the slasher go-to of pranks being the reason for someone killing a bunch of horny dumb-dumbs, read into the queer coding of Doc (Hart Bochner....again!) and Mo (Timothy Webber) and instigate the #JusticeForMitchy movement.

Plus: yearbooks in college? Another cross-dressing serial killer? Lots of magic with David Copperfield! And how about that 2008 would-be remake starring Thora Birch?

Oh, and if you'd like to read the interview with Derek MacKinnon (Kenny Hampson) that we reference in the episode, you can do so here.

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