Tenebrae (1982) feat. Michael Varrati

On this week's episode, Joe, Trace and special returning guest Michael Varrati board a plane to Rome to discuss the pod's very first Dario Argento film, 1982 (or is it 1984?)'s Tenebrae.

This is another video nasty (see our episode on Island of Death), so it's got a convoluted production history that includes censorship and rumored on-set tension between Argento and frequent collaborator Daria Nicolodi. Tenebrae is also a surprisingly queer positive text from the master of horror, from the casual inclusion of a lesbian couple in the film's most notorious set piece to the casting of trans actress Eva Robins. It's also textbook Freudian psychosexual, right down to those red heels.

Come for Michael's impassioned defence of dubbing in Gialli, stay for Trace's love of the doberman sequence (the Helen Shivers of giallo setpieces!), then leave for Michael's terrible dad jokes.

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