Tales from the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight (1995) feat. Sarah-Tai Black

Hello Kiddies! The Horror Queers are joined by Tales from the Crypt expert Sarah-Tai Black to discuss the booby-filled 1995 banger Demon Knight! In what may be their most tangent-filled episode yet, they not only code Billy Zane's Collector as gay and Jada Pinkett's Jeryline (a name that no character pronounces the same way) as a "soft butch" lesbian, but they also proclaim the queer icon status of the Crypt Keeper!

Trace tries to decipher the rules of the demons (they're so contradictory!). Sarah-Tai gets a Bible study lesson. And Joe is dumbfounded by Sarah-Tai's story of how Alan Cumming once bullied her at a roller rink (and a thong-clad Anna Paquin just stood there and let it happen).

Lastly, Joe cribs a lot of his supposed "knowledge" of Demon Knight from this wonderful article written by Stephanie Crawford

This Week's Game: What would a sequel to Demon Knight look like?

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