Stage Fright (1987) feat. Rachael Nisbet

Get ready to sell your ass in the men's room because we're getting locked in a theatre with a theatre troupe in Michele Soavi's giallo-cum-slasher Stage Fright (1987)! Joining us for the conversation is Arrow Video contributor and Fragments of Fear co-host Rachael Nisbet!

After trying to figure out why Stage Fright is included in lists of gialli, we go all in on Soavi's directorial debut and discuss how his tutelage from Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava fueled his creative vision for this film.

Plus, a subversive opening scene, another dull final girl, a delightfully sassy gay character, horny orderlies, one enormous skeleton key, face-level glory holes and...toilet troubles? Hoot hoot, bitch.

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