Speed Dating: Round 2 (2020)

Happy New Year, fellow Horror Queers! We are celebrating 2020 with a sequel to our very first episode: Speed Dating! That's right, the topic of discussion this week is....US. No - not the movie, like Joe, Trace and all of you. Oh, and we've got a fancy new opening theme to ring in the new year!

Join us as we go over the results from the listener survey from back in November (it's more exciting than it sounds), including your favorite and least favorite episodes. We also announce the winner of the contest who will pick a film for us to cover in a few weeks!

We'll tell you our favorite and least favorite episodes, the episode we wish got more love and share our first horror movie memory, among other things. Oh, and we've got things to say about that controversial (and somewhat awkward) live episode on A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge.

Plus, we answer some of your questions, which means things are going to get personal (some of you really want to know about our sex lives). 

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