Single White Female (1992) feat. Double A Horror Highway

We're kicking off Women in Horror Month with a confusing and frankly boring erotic thriller about a threatening lesbian roommate, written by a gay man, for straight male audiences. Joining us for the ride are the two Amys (Kasio and Ketchum) of Double A Horror Highway, who help to unpack the film's mushroom cut hairstyles, portable computing devices and why neither Bridget Fonda or Jennifer Jason Leigh's characters own any furniture.

Also up for discussion: un-sexy sex clubs, showing (but not using) the incinerator, whether Heddy is a true lesbian or mentally ill (or a mentally ill lesbian) and speculation about why the film tries to redeem every terrible character, including the rapist played by Stephen Tobolowsky!

So little of Single White Female makes sense that we struggled to retain even the most basic plot points. Toss this film out the window like a puppy!

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