Scream 2 (1997)

Hi! No, we really mean it. Hi! 

After nearly a year of waiting, the time has come for Trace and Joe to dig into the best film in the Scream franchise and arguably the best horror sequel of all time. 

Join us as we praise the film's dedication to further developing its main trio, its willingness to kill off Randy and, of course, Laurie Metcalf's totally unhinged performance as Mrs. Loomis (or is it Ms. Loomis? Try to keep track of Joe's pronunciations).

Also on deck: wisdom from Wes Craven's audio commentary, details from Kevin Williamson's original leaked script, and a plethora of line readings, including Trace performing several scores. Plus: deep dives into two of the best sequences in modern horror!

Don't wait for video because this episode is (British accent) "a good one."

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