Saw (2004) feat. Jenny Nulf & Lindsay Traves

Hello Zep, we want to play a game! So grab your blue filter and reverse bear trap because we're talking James Wan's debut film Saw! Joining us for the discussion are former guests Jenny Nulf (Fatal Frame and The Handmaiden) and Lindsay Traves (Batman: Mask of the Phantasm)!

Join us as we discuss the film's "torture porn" moniker and how it served as a reaction to 9/11 (and other things) during the Bush administration. We'll discuss the film's legacy and admire the franchise's adherence to its own continuity (for the most part).

We ask important questions like: Did Gordon actually cheat on his wife? Is Jigsaw actually a murderer? Would he be convicted in a court of law? What project management software does he use? And who shit in the toilet?

Plus, Jigsaw dioramas, sexy Billy the Puppet costumes, Trace's Cary Elwes impression and that. Fucking. Ending.

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