Reefer Madness (2005)

Happy 4/20, y'all! We're celebrating with a pack of giggle sticks, a chocolate brownie-scented DVD box and a movie musical! That's right, we're discussing the TV film adaptation of the stage musical adaptation of the 1936 propaganda film: Reefer Madness! Just hope we don't turn into cannibalistic murderers like some of the people in this movie.

Before we take a hit, we go into our own personal histories with marijuana and discuss the circumstances that led to the original (and absolutely terrible) 1936 film. From there, it's a one-way trip to toke town which inspires an impromptu Alexis Schitt impersonation from Joe and an in-depth discussion of....the movie Burlesque?

We quickly course-correct and praise the great Alan Cumming (who portrays no less than three characters in the film), Ana Gasteyer (Trace's choice for film MVP), Amy Spanger (Joe's choice for film MVP), a dominatrix Kristen Bell, a cameo-ing Neve Campbell, a creepy Steven Weber and Christian (brother of Neve) Campbell, aka the Human Dimple.

Warning for the faint of heart: this film is patently offensive to everyone, so no PC police here! We've got jokes about race, rape, queerness, women, men and, of course, drugs (would that it have been mere heroin!). Oh, and don't forget about blasphemy: we've also got Alan Cumming as goat Satan, Jesus singing about weed and stripper angels. And watch out for those singing carnivorous clams!

And if you really want to have some fun, take a drink (or a hit) every time Trace says he loves something about the movie.

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