Phantom of the Paradise (1974) feat. BJ Colangelo

Happy Halloween, fellow Horror Queers! Here we are: the final week of our eight-week Camp Marathon! We're singing our hearts out, bathing in glitter and snorting just a *touch* of cocaine with Brian De Palma's musical rock opera horror film Phantom of the Paradise! Joining us for this phantasmagorical ride is self-described Phantom nut BJ Colangelo! So grab your plunger and hop on board for this wild and crazy ride.

In what is a first-time watch for Trace, a second-time watch for Joe and a 4,987,523,496,084,237,698th-time watch for BJ, the trio celebrate the cult film's 45th anniversary and all things Beef (Gerrit Graham).

Trace (wrongfully) questions the singing abilities of Jessica Harper, Joe discusses the upcoming documentary Phantom of Winnipeg and BJ connects the film to the 2001 masterpiece Josie and the Pussycats.

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