ParaNorman (2012) feat. Brenna Clarke Gray

The boys fall through the 3D printer as they tackle their very first stop-motion animated family film. Thankfully they have help from Brenna Clarke Gray, the co-host of Joe's other podcast - Hazel & Katniss & Harry & Starr, which focuses on Young Adult literature adaptations.

Brenna's vast range of experiences (English professor, mother, former voice actor, lover of Hilary Duff and hater of horror films) provides no shortage of amusing stories and anecdotes as the trio unpack the film.

Topics include an unexpected queer character, homages to classic horror films, sequences that made us tear up, ParaNorman's unexpected anti-police stance and LAIKA's lengthy production process. 

This Week's Game: What property would benefit from being turned into a stop-motion film?

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