May (2002) feat. Katie Rife

After multiple requests, the time has finally come to crack the glass and dive deep into the sad, introverted, homicidal world of May, Lucky McKee's 2002 feature directorial debut, starring UBER talented actress Angela Bettis.

Along for the ride is The AV Club's Katie Rife, who joins the boys to dissect Anna Faris' predatory lesbian Polly, Jeremy Sisto's fuck boy Adam (and his Horror Bro short film) and poor May, who we are equally drawn to and horrified by.

Up for discussion: why Trace hates the word "gams", melons as a lesbian seduction tactic, Rian Johnson's not-so-secret obsession with the film, speculation about which character is a McKee stand-in and debate about whether we give May a pass because she's female (thanks BJ Colangelo!). Also, Katie needs to investigate her vet sister's basement for bodies.

Finally, in the spirit of the film's obsession with patching and stitching things together, please accept our apologies for the occasional echo-y sound as this episode required more editing than a Frankenstein best friend named Amy.

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