Lyle (2014) feat. Stacie Ponder

Just in time for the back half of Women in Horror Month, the guys are joined by the one and only Stacie Ponder (of Final Girl and Gaylords of Darkness Podcast fame) for a threeway discussion of Stewart Thorndike’s Lyle, aka “lesbian Rosemary’s Baby”.

Stacie educates the guys on the film’s connection to lesbian web series F to 7th, Trace gets increasingly defensive about Sleepless in Seattle and Joe rails on Michael Che’s “performance” in the film. The group debates the best way to SPOILER tell your wife you’re planning to kill your second child, the efficacy of Checkov’s Baby Pool Straps and lays to rest that eternal question: do you poop when you give birth?

Plus: with more hosts, comes double the inane games as Joe forces both Stacie and Trace to prove their creative mettle.

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