Knife + Heart (2018)

Despite the ordeal they suffered last time, Joe and Trace travel back to France to catch the premiere of Homocidal, the queer porno that everyone is DYING to be in! 

Although Trace confesses he's not a huge Giallo person (and the boys fully expect to receive hate mail from fans), Yann Gonzalez's tale of a switchblade dildo wielding, gimp-mask wearing killer and the intrepid lesbian porn director on his trail is a queer horror classic - and Trace's pull-quote on the Blu-ray confirms it!

The boys praise the film's gritty, lurid and beautiful 70s aesthetic, discuss the political ramifications of inherently queer horror and wade through the weird saggy middle section with the guy who has a chicken hand.

Plus: Joe and Trace make up their porn names!

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