Jason X (2002)

Happy (early) Friday the 13th, y'all! We're celebrating the holiday with a return trip to space (following our episode on Hellraiser: Bloodline last month) with a festive viewing of the much-maligned Jason X.

Join us as we say hello to a cameo-ing David Cronenberg before traveling 4.55 centuries into the future to board the vessel Grendel. While aboard, we will lament the outlawing of hockey in 2024, ponder the "Microsoft Conflict" and cheer on Janessa (Melyssa Ade) as she earns some sextra credit by employing some some super tame nipple play. 

Also, why is UberJason only in the last 14 minutes of this 87-minute movie? Why are the sets of this $11 million-budgeted movie derivative of the 1999 Disney Channel Original movie Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century? Did Harry Manfredini rip off John Williams' Raiders of the Lost Ark score for his "Birth of the UberJason" track? And will Trace find yet another way to bring up The Lizzie McGuire Movie? (The answer is yes.)

But hey, it's not all bad! There's still that super clever VR sequence in the third act, Lisa Ryder's delightfully kooky android KM-14 and a truly awesome kill involving liquid nitrogen and a scantily clad scientist's head (seriously, why are all of these female scientists baring their stomachs?).

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