Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993) feat. Alice Collins

The Horror Queers are getting a head start on Friday the 13th celebrations with a visit to Crystal Lake in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday! Joe and Trace are joined by fellow Bloody Disgusting columnist Alice Collins in an episode that might as well be called E! True Hollywood Story: Jason Goes to Hell. Together, they will try to do the impossible: make sense of a film that makes absolutely no sense.

Topics up for discussion are little girls in pink dresses sticking a hot dog through a donut, queer leather-daddy shaving fetishes, sensual hand-stroking and crazy-impressive gore effects. In a surprising twist, Joe admits to loving the film (despite not being a fan of the franchise), Trace talks about how screenwriters Dean Lorey and Jay Huguely stole the plot of the film from a story he wrote in the first grade and Alice spills the tea on most of the film's production troubles.

Oh! Did they mention that this episode starts off an eight-week marathon of campy horror films? Because it does! So be prepared for seven more weeks of unintentionally funny horror films, most of which have very, very troubled production histories.

This Week's Game: If you were a studio executive with $10 million and you had the rights, which dormant horror franchise would you order an off-brand installment of?

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