Interview With The Vampire (1994)

With the start of November's cold weather, Trace and Joe head south to Mississippi to visit our favorite bickering gay couple: Louis and Lestat and their ADORABLE adopted daughter, Claudia. That's right, we're back in vampire territory as we tackle Neil Jordan's infamous adaptation of the iconic first novel in Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles just in time for its 25th anniversary!

This movie is super duper gay (for 1994). The boys ponder the film's weird development cycle, including bizarre casting decisions (Julian Sands? Cher?!), question whether Rice ruffled studio feathers and lament Pitt's snooze-inducing performance. Joe and Trace bat heads over Cruise, but both are head over heels for Kirsten Dunst, which inspires a lengthy diatribe about her lack of recognition!

Also up for discussion: Trace's dislike of long hair on men, the "Britishness" of Stephen Rea, prostitute tits, Letterboxd reviews of the Theatre des Vampires, and the real reason that Louis is so appealing (a HUGE dick).

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