Incident in a Ghostland (2018) feat. Xero Gravity

This week we're covering our second Pascal Laugier film, 2018's Incident in a Ghostland. C/W: misogyny, transphobia.

Along for the ride is Blerdy Massacre co-host Xero Gravity, who joins us in getting increasingly aggravated with the Martyrs director the more we learn what he thinks he's doing with this film, which includes a lot of teen female abuse, a caricature trans woman villain and unabashed love for HP Lovecraft?!

We're more forgiving of the twist, as well as the performances of Emilia Jones and Taylor Hickson (whose disfigurement on the film's set is another controversy Trace unpacks).

Plus: TCM-meets-giallo production design, a sly police subversion, a groan-worthy typewriter and dolls everywhere.

Reference: Robin Ono. “Horror and Transcendence: An Interview with Pascal Laugier” Rue Morgue

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