I Know Who Killed Me (2007) feat. Anthony Hudson

The boys continue their camp marathon with one of their most celebrated films yet: LiLo's Razzie-winning, F CinemaScore-awarded, critical and commercial bomb I Know Who Killed Me!

Is it Hitchcock? Is it De Palma? Is it giallo? Who can say?! Thankfully we have Gaylords of Darkness co-host Anthony Hudson here to help us unpack all of the stripper-y goodness.

Trace walks us through the car wreck of Lohan’s career, Joe repeatedly mispronounces “Dina”, and the trio obsess over Jennifer Tilly’s possum character and how a Disney animated version of the film would play out.

Plus: we try to unpack the symbolism of the film's signature blue/red colour scheme, chastise the film's apparently humourless set, and recast Ormond with Celine Dion. Also: Joe adds to his Amazon Christmas Wishlist and Trace tries out his impressions of both Lohan AND Katherine Heigl? We may have gone crazy...

In this week's game: we play 'Fix This Movie' by hypothesizing one thing that could be done to improve the film.

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