Hellraiser (1987) feat. Bryan Christopher

Come to daddy and solve that puzzle box because we're revelling in the queer, cosmic horror of Clive Barker's Hellraiser (1987)! Tagging in for the discussion is returning guest (and Hellraiser franchise super fan) Bryan Christopher, who we can only assume is a masochist at heart.

Join us as we go all in on the queer subtext that Barker injects into his directorial debut before heaping all the praise on Claire Higgins' performance as the complex Julia Cotton. There will be discussions of BDSM and consent, the torture porn label that is unfairly applied to the film, and all things Cenobites.

Plus: Frank's precious goo, shoulder pads for days, one rude-ass nurse, an angry pet store lady, and the ultimate question: why aren't these characters diarrhea-ing all over themselves at the sight of some of this shit? And to think that Ebert said this film was a "bankruptcy of imagination"! Jesus wept.


> Mark Richard Adams. “Clive Barker’s queer monsters: exploring transgression, sexuality, and the other.” Clive Barker: Dark Imaginer

> Bryan and Joe's Hellraiser Podcast: Such Sights To Show. The Anatomy of a Scream Pod Squad

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