Hellbent (2004)/Killer Unicorn (2018) feat. Sam Wineman

To kick off Pride Month, we're hosting a double feature tracing the journey of the all-too-rare queer slasher film (things sure have changed in the last 15 years!). The two films up for discussion? 2004's 'Hellbent' and 2018's 'Killer Unicorn'. Joining us is Sam Wineman, the director of Shudder's upcoming queer horror documentary!

First up, we're heading to Los Angeles to attend the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival in Paul Etheredge's 'Hellbent'. After marvelling at the fact that this film was even able to get made, we'll discuss the film's lengthy production, portrayals of various queer archetypes and how each of us sought out queer media in the early 2000s.

Next, we're walking the streets of Brooklyn to party it up at the Annual Enema Party (because that's a thing) in Drew Bolton's 'Killer Unicorn'. We'll discuss the in-your-face queerness of the film, which is both good (a queer love scene, poppers representation and some very, very queer-themed deaths) and bad (drug abuse stereotypes, mean characters and an ill-advised & mishandled rape subplot).

It's going to be a party to die for, y'all!

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