Grace (2009) feat. Anya Stanley

Happy Mother's Day, everyone! We're celebrating this sacred holiday with a discussion of booby horror and queer baby mama drama in Paul Solet's Grace! Joining us for the discussion is journalist and mother Anya Stanley, who brings some much-needed maternal instincts to the discussion. Fair warning, though: this is not a film to watch if you're already pregnant..

Join us as we discuss the greatness that is the supremely underrated Jordan Ladd, as well as admire Solet's use of sound design and lighting in the film. Plus, is the evil mother-in-law an example of unintentional camp? You tell us!

Also on the docket: a debate on how to pronounce the word "midwifery," water births, Trace's sore left nipple and learning to flambé while cooking liver and onions!

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